Helping those in need in your community


Our Mission

To tackle food poverty in a targeted way within North Tyneside and Newcastle upon Tyne...

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Frequently Asked


Why was T​in On A Wall set up?

The COVID crisis has affected people with devastating results. 

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Who is Tin On A Wall?


Making a difference

"We just wanted to say a massive thank you for this incredible donation of food from today’s Tin On A Wall collection. We are so blown away by this generosity......"

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Campaign recognition

Our campaign efforts have gained local and national recognition.

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Our Misson

To tackle food poverty in a targeted way within North Tyneside and Newcastle upon Tyne. 
In April 2023 after 2.5 years of collecting tons and tons of food, we registered as a Community Interest Company, we now offically Tin On A Wall North Tyneside CIC

Charities & Community Groups

Tin On A Wall work with large ​charities such as Cedarwood Trust as well as smaller less well established groups, perhaps unknown local groups who are well integrated in their communities.  These groups provide a life line through an unique established and trusted insight into their own community and are proactive in their approach. These organisations often deal with people on a one-to-one basis and have an excellent rapport with their members.

All the ​organisations we work with, work in harmony each month and beyond collection date and we trust that they strive to find the best strategy beyond collection to meet the needs of their members, clients and friends. Tin On A Wall work collectively to fill the gaps on shelves ensuring supply and demand is met with the donations we have.  

The number of ​charities and community groups we support every month is dependent upon the number of streets which register each month.  We have moved from helping one group per month to a more ​accumulative approach as the number of streets has increased which has been ​dictated by the number of volunteers which have joined us since we started in June 2020.  We always review a collection with the groups we support to establish any areas of improvement.  The food we collect makes a massive difference to the lives of others!  UPDATE FEB 2023: Do to the decline of volunteers and the unpresident increase in demand, we now support a core 6 charities and community groups each month.

Our Volunteers

We always ask for feedback from our volunteers and ask for referrals for our future collections. 

We have grown organically due to our supporters and volunteer base; this is testament to the success of our campaign - Helping those in need in your community. 

We have volunteers who register to support our cause month after month.  Our members are our unofficial regulators, without them we would not be able to do this. 


Why was Tin On A Wall set up?

The COVID crisis of 2020/2021 affected people with devastating results, lives were cut short and the economic and social disruption caused millions of people to fall into poverty.

How it all started.....

A Welsh group called Risca shared on social media an incredible food collection which was enough to stock their local food bank for 6 - 9 months – all in a single night.  Lucy Hearn knew that this simple and effective model was needed in the North East, specifically in her local area in North Tyneside.  Risca provided advice on how to set up Tin On A Wall and in July Tin on a Wall North Tyneside was born.

From a seed......

Lucy asked for volunteers on local social media and within hours she had over 20 volunteers and Tin On A Wall North Tyneside had their first collection July 2020.  The number of volunteers and number of streets has grown organically month on month since.  The idea was to support a different charity, food bank or community group each month.  After a couple of collections, the administrative work involved was too much for one person, so Jo Scorer joined Lucy to support with the administrative work and manage the coordination of the volunteers. 

In November we collected from almost 200 streets in North Tyneside with the supports of over 80 volunteers. Most of our business communications and growth has been through social media, radio, word of mouth and leaflets. 


In May 2021 Tin On A Wall volunteer numbers peaked with a North Tyneside collection from over 460 streets!! Due to the vast increase of donations Tin On A Wall were able to increase the number of organisations supported each month, so instead of just one, we could help many in a single day.  At the peak of our volunteer invovment, we were able to help 14 different organisations in a single day.


Tin On A Wall ventured into Newcastle in May 2021 with a Walker and Byker collection which has continued.  The in June we launched a Gosforth and Wideopen collection due to requests from the public wanting to offer help in the area.


In June 2021 we supported Feeding Families set up a Tin On A Wall in Durham


In the Autumn of 2021, Lucy Hearn decided to step away from the campaign.  

Times Are Getting Harder....

Volunteer numbers have decreased so we now support a core 6 charities and community groups every month.

On Saturday 29th April 2023, Tin On A Wall was offically registered as a Community Interest Company 

Who is Tin On A Wall?

Meet the Team

Jo Scorer
Director of Tin On A Wall North Tyneside CIC

Ben - Event Day Volunteer
Dawn - Event Day Volunteer
Michelle - Event Day Volunteer
Lisa  - Event Day Volunteer
Cath Event Day Volunteer 
Rosalind - Event Day Volunteer
Stacey - Event Day Volunteer
Jill -  North Tyneside Leaflet Distribution


We have an amazing team of volunteers which come together each month, when they are available.  We appreicate life can get busy especially now restictions have lifted which is why we work on a single month basis at a time.  The commitment, dedication and time that our volunteers give Tin On A Wall is key the the number of lives we can help.