Helping those in need in your community


Personal Touch

Two young brothers writing a personal note to their neighbours on their leaflets before posting.

Police Cadets

Volunteering whilst working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Going the extra mile

A young child in North Tyneside has drawn a beautiful picture which was attached to their familys donation bag which brought a massive smile to the face of our young volunteer collecting it!

Pontleland Primary School

"A MASSIVE thank you to Pontleland Primary School!! I had a lovely morning speaking to 2 classes about the work of Tin On A Wall and why food donations are so critical for many charities and community groups in this very tough economic climate. Lots of things we chatted about related to books they'd been studying, falling on hard times and homelessness. I left with 33.85kg they'd collected for me to take away to Cedarwood Trust. Thanks kids, it's was a joy to meet you all and thank you!"

Jo Scorer 09/11/22

'Tin On A School Wall' in March 2022
Holystone Primary School, North Tyneside
Donated 134kg of food - the weight of an average Tiger!

A rchibald First School, Gosforth
Donated 2 large trolley loads of food and living essentials!

Amazing effort by the children, their parents and the schools.....thank you everyone!

Friday 3rd December

Donations delivered to North East Homesless at North Shields Fish Quay thanks to the generosity of gym members at The Village Newcastle.

The Village Newcastle

Gym members collection for Tin On A Wall Sat 4th December, thanks everyone!

An amazing gift! 

All donated from a single gym member at The Village newcastle - what a guy!!!!  All going to the homeless!

"We just wanted to say a massive thank you for this incredible donation of food from today’s Tin On A Wall collection. We are so blown away by this generosity  - 487 items in total!!    

Thank you so much for helping us in this way.    With every blessing!"  

Ann and Mike
The Byker Pantry
8th August 2021
"This was the first time picking up from Tin On A Wall for us at NiteBite. The volunteers we met were cheerful even though we were doing everything in the rain! It was very exciting collecting everything, fitting it in the car and dropping it all at church. Then came the mammoth task of sorting and putting away. We were especially grateful for the Breakfast Foods, we’ve not had in abundance for some time.  Thank you everyone for all you are doing."

Laurina - NiteBites
July 2021 
"The MEM runs a foodbank every week and we take donations from the general public and we purchase food from Fareshare which we also donate to our foodbank. We have 30 people that regulary pick up food from us. These vary from people that are struggling on universal credit people who have more complex needs. We also have some asylum seekers that we support. Our food bank stocks were incredibly low last week. In fact, in truth we would have struggled to fill enough bags for people. 

Thanks to the amazing Tin On The Wall we had more than enough to continue to help our patrons that are struggling. Joanne and her team filled my little van to the gunnels. It was amazing and I can't thank you enought for all for the food you collected and donated. There was some very happy faces today when we delivered our parcels. Thank you so much Joanne and all your helpers. You do an amazing job."

Gary - Wallsend Memorial Hall
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