Helping those in need in your community


Why was this group set up?

The COVID crisis has affected people with devastating results. Not only has it caused a mass loss of life but also economic and social disruption. Millions of people are now at risk of falling into poverty and don't have access to food. 

How it all started.....

A Welsh group called Risca shared on social media an incredible food collection which was enough to stock their local food bank for 6 - 9 months – all in a single night.  Lucy Hearn knew that this simple and effective model was needed in the North East, specifically in her local area.

Lucy asked for volunteers on local social media and within hours she had over 20 volunteers and Tin On A Wall North Tyneside had their first collection in July 2020.  The number of volunteers and number of streets has grown organically month on month since.  The idea was to support a different charity, food bank or community group each month.  After a couple of collections, the administrative work involved was too much for one person, so Joanne Scorer joined Lucy to support with the administrative work and manage the coordination of the volunteers. 

In November we collected from almost 200 streets in North Tyneside with the supports of over 80 volunteers. Most of our business communications and growth has been through social media, radio, word of mouth and leaflets. 

In May 2021 we peaked with a North Tyneside collection from 460 streets!! Due to the increase of donations we were able to increase the number of organisations we supported each month, so instead of just one, we could help many in a single day.

Tin On A Wall ventured into Newcastle in May 2021 with a Walker and Byker collection which has continued.  The in June we launched a Gosforth and Wideopen collection due to requests from the public wanting to offer help in the area.

In June 2021 we supported Feeding Families set up a Tin On A Wall in Durham.


Who is Tin On A Wall?

Joanne Scorer – Campaign Director 

Rosalind - Event Day Volunteer
Michelle - Event Day Volunteer
Ben - Event Day Volunteer
Stacey - Event Day Volunteer
Dawn - Event Day Volunteer
Andy - Event Day Volunteer
Jill -  Leaflet Support Volunteer


Did we work through lock down?

We are volunteers and therefore exempt from government restrictions however due to the increased uncertainty in North Tyneside we decided with the support of our volounteers not to operate during  January and February 2021.  When we did restart we asked volunteers to adhere to all government guidelines with regards to social distancing, the wearing of masks and washing of hands.  Volunteers dropping off donations are provided with full instuctions including health and safetly guidlines.


How do you decide which streets are included each month?

The area and streets will collect from each month is entirely dependent upon volunteers who come forward.  Every month we invite people to fill out a registration form, there is a new form every month.


Why is my area is not incuded?

The list of streets listed on each registration form (North Tyneside, Gosforth and Wideopen or Walker) is purely based upon those which have participated in the past, there is an option to enter a new street at the bottom of every area.  If you live outside this area and you are interested in getting involved register your interest with us.


Why does it say (COVERED) beside my street name on the registration form?

This means that we already have a volunteer for that street so please choose or suggest an alternative to collect from.  If you are helping an existing volunteer who has already registered for that month on the same street as you would like to register, that is fine, click on the covered street and make a note of their name.  


Do I need to live in the street I pick up from?  

No, you can do anywhere you wish within the three areas we cover.


Can I do more than one street?  

 You can do as many as you can manage safety.  Most volunteers do between 4 and 6 streets, we have some who cover 20, it all depends on if you have additional help on the day and how many houses are on a street.


Can my child/children help?  

Yes, we love to involve your little ones if safe to do so when you are out collecting.  Children under 16 years old must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.  


How do I get leaflets?

Leaflets are available to order via a link which will be emailed to you after registration has closed and you can collect from various pick up points 7 days before event day.  Leaflets are to be posted from Monday to Thursday in the week before the Saturday collection.  An electronic version of the leaflet will be uploaded to the Facebook group too. 


What happens if it’s raining?  

We are volunteers to dress according to the weather, we do provide a weather update on our Volunteers Facebook page a few days before the event however it is not always accurate – the joys of the British weather.  We have never had to cancel an event due to weather, we have done through rain or shine however if there is a serious weather warning we will not ignore.  We will communicate any changes to you all, your health and wellbeing is very important to us.  At base drop off points are will try and provide shelter.  Residents usually place donations in plastic bags when wet.


What do volunteers do with their collection?

Once the registration process for that particular month is closed, all volunteers will receive a confirmation letter (pdf) attached to an email (the address you provide in the form) which will confirm STREET(s), DROP OFF POINT ADDRESS OF DONATIONS, TIME.


I don’t drive?  

It is preferred but not essential, we may be able to get your collections picked up, still fill out a form and ensure you mention in the notes section.  


What is a Drop Box?  

We ask all volunteers if they would consider leaving a box outside their door for people to drop off donations (zero contact).  This would mean disclosing your address on social media, no names would be used.  By having a Drop Box outside your house, it enables people from around your estate to drop off donations that very day if they do not have someone collecting direclty from their street.  Please indicate on the form if you would like to be considered.   A poster for the box will be uploaded to the Facebook group which can be printed and attached to the box.  We welcome businesses participating too.   We ask that boxes are put out firsdt thing on event day so residents can drop off before you start your collection.   


What happens if I get donations after I’ve done my collection?  

Just drop us a message to arrange pick up or drop off ans we will ensure it gets to an oganisation we are supporting that month.  We do not store or stock pile any donations for next collection.


Why wasn't my donation collected on Saturday?

Please accept our apologies if we have missed your donation this was not intentional.  Due to the number of streets and houses our volunteers check in a very small time scale it is very easy for over sights to occur.  You can report Missed Donations.


What do I do if I suspect donations have been stolen?

To our volunteers, please under no circumstance approach anyone you suspect has taken donations left out for collection.  Your safety is very important to us and no donations are worth compromising your health and safety.  We ask all volouteers or donators to report any theif to Joanne.  We advise that any anti social behaviour be reported to the police via 101.