Helping those in need in your community

where do donations go?

We can only collect in the streets with a registered volunteer which can vary greatly month on month. Some volunteers collect every month without fail, some every other month, some once a quarter and others, just the once.  Therefore the number of charities and communitiy groups we support can vary month on month.  A full list of all the organisations we have supported since July 2020 can be found HERE and testimonials HERE

Special Thank You

A massive thank you to Hazel and the residents of Beverley Road and Beverley Park in Monkseaton who not only donated food but also donated £245 to allow food to be bought in January when we do not collect.  We are absoluetly blown away with your kindness!!!!
Hazel (left) with Jo Scorer Director of Tin On A Wall (right)

Another thank you to the little person from Valley Gardens who always leaves a beautiful picture with their donations.  See picture above.  I love my Christmas picture of Santa throwing out tins of food to those catching below.  This picture will be added to my growing collection of art pieces on my wall at work! Jo x